Meet Our Vendors

The Hillsdale County Farmers Market provides consumers with fresh, locally grown or locally produced products in one convenient location.

2020 is the market’s 12th season, the market has over 30 vendors selling a wide range of healthy fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, meats, honey, maple syrup, fruit preserves and syrups, as well as plants, baked goods, and handcrafted artisan goods.

Click here for a map of the vendor stalls.

McClain Homestead (1, 2, 3)
Ellen McClain, Dennis McClain II, Hillsdale, MI
Corn and soy-free fresh eggs, locally and naturally grown heirloom vegetables and fruit, maple syrup made over a wood fire in small batches.
McClain Homestead Facebook Page

Chef’s Way Organic Farms (4, 5, 6)
Mary & Ezra Bertakis, Hillsdale, MI
Large variety of certified organic produce.
Chef’s Way Organic Farms Facebook Page

City Limits Farm (7)
Sarah Maier, Hillsdale, MI
Cut flower arrangements.
City Limits Farm Facebook Page

Lynn-Louise Designs (8, 9)
Kay Hoover, Pittsford, MI
One of a kind glass yard decorations.
Lynn-Louise Designs Facebook Page

Creek Valley Farms (10, 11)
Carol & Stan Smith, Waldron, MI
Berries, sweet fruit, corn, produce and fall decorations.
Phone (517) 567-4428
Creek Valley Farm Facebook Page

Mushroom Curiosity (13)
Brent & Annette Williams, Pittsford, MI
Locally grown oyster and lion’s main mushrooms.

Sandy Acres (14, 15)
Glenn & Margaret Frobel, Reading, MI

Black Dog Meadows Flower Farm (16)
Dana Hicks, Hudson MI
Garden bouquets.

Gracie’s Greens (17, 18)
Sarah & Tim Neinas, Pittsford, MI
Fresh produce, grass fed lamb.

McElroy Farms (19, 20)
Audrey VanDeusen, Hillsdale, MI
Grassfed beef, pork and chicken.

Willow Fen Farm & Pami’s Patchwork (21, 22)
Pam & Brad Benzing, Frontier, MI
Goat meat, chicken, turkey, eggs, jelly, syrup, non-gmo popcorn, goat milk soap (no fragrances or dyes). Quilted patchwork items.
Willow Fen Farm Facebook Page

Glory Land Farm (23, 24)
Rick Kissau, Pittsford, MI

Pleasant View Dairy & Beef (25)
Jennifer Lewis, Jonesville, M

Buster & Dolly Produce (26)
Diana & Rodney Young, Pittsford, MI
Fresh produce, eggs, and fruit.
Phone (517) 547-5110
Buster and Dolly Produce Facebook Page

L&S Produce (27, 28)
Lewis Lengacher, Hudson, MI
Flowers, vegetables, fruits and plants.

(29, 30)
Susanna Lengacher, Hudson MI
Baked goods.

Ransom Chicken Farm (31)
Allison Grimm, Waldron, MI
Organically raised farm fresh eggs, chicken, and asparagus.

Bluebird Meadows Farm (32, 33)
Emilie Dasch, Larkyn Dasch, Hillsdale, MI
Lamb, produce, bread, flowers.

Linda’s Flowers (34, 35)
Linda Kidwell, Montgomery, MI
Cut flowers, cut herbs

Prairie Springs Pottery (36, 37)
Nancy & John Gertig, Osseo, M

East of Edon, LLC. (38, 39)
Liese and Katja Szarafinski, Allen, MI
Locally grown greens, and vegetables, eggs, naturally dyed yarn and wool, felted and knitted items.

Lost River Farm (40, 41)
Mike & Cheryl Maier, Pittsford, MI
Baked items, garden produce, eggs, recycled tote bags.

Things Homemade (42)
Judy Czarnecki, Hillsdale, MI
Baked goods, knitted and crochet items.
Phone (517) 439-1045

K’s Acres Orchard (45, 46, 47)
Tom Kolasa, Scott Kolasa, Hillsdale, MI
Flamin’ Fury Stellar variety of peaches, plums, apricots, 80+ varieties of apples including heritage raspberries, strawberries and blueberries vegetables.
Phone (517) 437-7054
K’s Acres Orchard Facebook Page

Patty’s Pies (48)
Patty Moore, Reading, MI
Bake goods.
Phone (517)-357-4124

Kim’s Cake Pops (48)
Kim Marquart, Reading, MI
Bake goods.
Phone (517) 357-436

Chet & Wilma’s Honey Shack (49, 50)
John & Penny Lindsey, Allen, MI
Raw, local honey and beeswax products.
Phone (517) 869-2790
Chet & Wilma’s Honey Shack Facebook Page

Somerset Farm Hardy Succulent Designs (51, 52)
Molly Covert, Hudson, MI
Hardy succulent arrangements using repurposed containers, plant stock, custom planting and reconstruction service available.

TK Crafts (53)
Terry Ragless, Hudson, MI
Log cabin, birdhouse and meat grinder lamps, jewelry.

The Cupcake Peddler (54)
Lydia Bonjenoor, Hillsdale, MI

Salvaged by Sylvia (55, 56)
Sylvia Vicki, Osseo, MI
Handmade and salvaged products.

Marlena’s Acres (57, 58)
Scott Scholl
Potted plants and produce.

Elaine’s Kitchen Delight (59)
Elaine & Ed Riopelle, Jonesville, MI
Mustard, pickled products, bake goods, jams, jalapeno jelly and season packages.
Phone (517) 212-0313

G’s Creations, The Coney Cart (60, 61, 62)
Gina Gray, Osseo, MI
Breads, cinnamon rolls, pizza crust, mittens made from recycled sweaters, bowl koozies, and shopping bags.
G’s Creations Facebook Page

Clexo (63)
Kaitlyn Dear, Jerome, MI
Watercolor paintings, notecards.

Analogue Dragon,
Stonehope Heirlooms (63, 64)
Pam & Christopher Heckel , Reading, MI
Cyanotype notecards, street portraits, frames. Heirloom tomatoes, glass gem corn.,

Magda’s Produce (65, 66, 67)
Kevin & Cindy Magda, Jonesville, MI
Organically grown produce of all kinds. Brokered peaches and strawberries from a Hillsdale County farm.

Ricky & Alice Brehm, Osseo, MI

Sunburst Family Farm
Rachel Yoder, Osseo, M